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Individuals can now register for our Fall league

The NCISL Fall Indoor League will start in October and we frequently receive requests from players who are looking for a team to join.

The NCISL will try to organize teams from the individual registrations and usually we can create a couple of teams.

So if you are looking for a team to play on click on the link here and fill in your preferences. As soon as we obtain enough names to create a team we will contact all the players and ask for a commitment.

We can not guarantee you a place but we will do our best to help you

Game nights are as follows

Coed Division 1  - Friday
Coed Division 2 - Friday
Men Division 2A  - Sunday
Men Division 2B - Thursday
Division 3A - Sunday
Division 3B  - Wednesday
Division 4A  - Tuesday
Division 4B  - Thursday
Women Division 1  - Monday
Women Division 2  - Monday

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