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Sign up now for the 2007 Fall Indoor League

The NCISL Board of Directors are pleased to announce that we will again operate an indoor league in Kanata and Gloucester

We have been able to obtain field hours at the Bell Sensplex and the Kanata Soccer Dome in Kanata and at the Louis Riel Dome in Gloucester.

We are now accepting entries for the fall indoor league which will again offer divisions for men, women and coed teams. The season will operate from October to mid January. Each team will play 15 games. Price is $1900 per team

Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis and we will again give each team two tickets for an Ottawa Senators game

Last year we sold out and had to turn some teams away so we encourage you to submit your application and deposit as soon as possible
Application Form
Recruitment Poster
Further details
Q. Can we decide which location we will play at?
A. Yes. When you enter you will be asked to select a facility: either the Bell Sensplex or the Louis Riel Dome. You will only play games at one location
Q. How many games do we play?
A. Each team plays 15 games (14 regular season and 1 play off)
Q. When will the season start?
A. Monday 1st of October. There will be no games on Sunday October 8th and Monday October 9th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Q. What are the game nights
Bell Sensplex
Sunday - Men Division 2A and Men Division 3A
Monday - Women Division 1 and Women Division 2
Tuesday - Men Division 1
Wednesday - Men Division 3B
Thursday - Men Division 2B
Friday -  Coed
Louis Riel Dome
Monday - Men Division 1

Q. I am not sure which division is the right level for my team. Can you help?
A. Yes. Please send an email to indoor@ncisl.com with information on your team such as where they play in the outdoor season or other indoor leagues. We will then make a recommendation
Q. Will we always play on the regular game night?

A. No. Due to field closures for example due to a public holiday you will occasionally be asked to play on another night. However the majority of the games will be on your regular game night
Q. Who can play?
A. The NCISL is open to any body. Unlike the summer league we have no restrictions on who can play. However all players must be registered with the NCISL and EODSA
Q. How many players do we need?
A. Each team may have a maximum roster of 14 players. The game will be 7 a side. For the laws of the game please check here
Q. What is the deal about free Senators tickets?
A. The NCISL recognize the work involved in organizing a team for the indoor league. Therefore we will give 2 tickets for an Ottawa Senators game to the team organizer at the Pre Season Meeting
Q. What is the cost to enter a team?
A. League fees are $1900 per team. Each player must also pay the EODSA registration fee of $15
Q. What is the payment plan?
A. To complete your application each team must pay a $300 deposit. The balance must then be paid at the Pre Season Meeting. You will also need to pay the EODSA player registration fee at that meeting
Q. What is the EODSA player registration fee?
A. This fee is charged for each player by our governing bodies to help administer soccer. Some of the fee is kept by the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association, some is kept by the Ontario Soccer Association and some is kept by the Canadian Soccer Association. The NCISL just collect this fee and pass it onto our governing body, the EODSA
Q. I don't have a team to play on. Can you help me get on a team?
A. We will try but we can not guarantee. We will shortly release a tool for individuals to register on line. Please come back shortly for access to the tool.
Q. How do I enter a team?
A. Download the application form and send it via email to the NCISL as soon as possible after you have completed it. Then follow up within 7 days with your deposit

Q. I have further questions not listed here. Who can help me?
A. Please send your question to indoor@ncisl.com

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