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2007 Outdoor Season

The NCISL Board of Directors are please to announce that we will be expanding for the outdoor season in 2007.

We will be offering four new open divisions as follows

1. Women - Monday evenings with two divisions. This year the womens divisions are open ie no company affiliation is required

2. Coed - Friday evenings, minimum of 4 women on the field with a minimum 6 on the roster. This division is open ie no company affiliation is required

3. Mens Open - Sunday evenings, this division has been set up for our indoor teams who not meet the requirements of the corporate divisions

The existing mens divisions will remain as in previous years ie teams must meet the corporate rules to qualify (see bylaw 4)

The full outdoor line up for 2007 is as follows

Regular Game Day  Division
 Monday  Men Division 1, Women Division 1, Women Division 2
 Tuesday  Men Division 2, Men Division 3B
 Wednesday  Men Division 3A
 Thursday  Men Division 4A, Men Division 4B
 Friday  Coed
 Sunday  Mens Open Division

Application forms are now available below. Please ensure that you complete the correct application form

Mens Divisions
Womens Division
Coed and Mens Open Division

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