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Order your FIFA U20 tickets from the NCISL - ORDERS CLOSED

The NCISL are now taking ticket orders for the FIFA U20 World Cup

To order your ticket please download the application form and follow the instructions

Some questions about the event follow

Q: What is the FIFA U-20 World Cup?
A: The FIFA U-20 World Cup is the second largest FIFA event in size and scope, with 24 countries playing 52 matches. Canada is hosting this event across 6 cities between June 30th and July 22nd 2007. The world’s best soccer players 20 years of age or younger will be participating.  Superstars such as Ronaldinho, Maradona, Figo, Henry, and Kaka, have all played in this tournament.

Q: How many games are there in Ottawa?
A: 8 games will be played on 5 match days at Frank Clair Stadium, Lansdowne Park – 3 round robin doubleheaders (6 games), 1 round of 16 (1 game), and 1 quarter final (1 game).

Q: What are the dates of the games?
A: June 30, July 3, July 6 (round robin doubleheaders), July 12 (round of 16), July 15 (quarter final), 2007.
Q: What does a pass include?
A: All passes include access to all 8 games, and a reserved seat.

Q: How much is a pass for the soccer community?
A: Passes for the entire south side of Frank Clair Stadium have been reserved for the soccer community for $60 each.

Q: If I can’t make a game can I give my ticket to someone else?
A: Yes, all passes are transferable.  If you are unable to make it to one of the 5 match days you can give your ticket for that day to someone else.

Q: What countries are participating in Ottawa?
A: It is not known at this time as conference qualification tournaments are ongoing. The tournament draw will be held in March 2007 and the countries playing in Ottawa will be established at that time.

Q: When will I get my pass?
A: The passes will be printed shortly after the conclusion of the tournament draw (March 2007) when it is established which countries will be playing in Ottawa. The NCISL will then mail them to the people who have ordered them with a stamped addressed envelope. Those who do not use a stamped addressed envelope will be asked to collect them from the NCISL.

Q:  Are passes available for the general public?
A: Yes, passes on the north side of Frank Clair Stadium are available for $125 and $105 and can be purchased by visiting www.fifa.com

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities available?
A: Yes, it is expected that it will take over 500 volunteers to successfully run this event! Volunteer application forms and contact information can be found by visiting www.eodsa.on.ca.

Q:  Where can I find out information about the FIFA U-20 World Cup?
A: Information about the tournament can be found by visiting www.fifa.com

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