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Ottawa Senators Hockey Ticket Program

Ottawa Senators Hockey Ticket Program


The NCISL is pleased to announce that the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club has put together a ticket  program for the NCISL and all our members! The best value on  game tickets for a game each month and a portion of each ticket goes back to NCISL! 

You can purchase tickets for all games in 100, 200 and 300 level seating on-line at: www.ottawasenators.com/NCISL

 Enter our Promo code – NCISL – to activate the offer

Tips: Use Chrome browser for best results.  Select your seats to reveal the promotional all-inclusive pricing.

Please contact Peter Judd, NCISL Director of Membership for more information about this program.

membership@ncisl.com or (613)286-5042


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