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Ottawa Senators Hockey Ticket Program

Ottawa Senators Hockey Ticket Program

The NCISL is pleased to announce that the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club has put together a ticket savings program for the NCISL and all our members!  Discount game tickets for all games and all seating options are available now - starting at just $20! 

This new program also eliminates tickets fees (additional savings of $6.50/ticket) and delivery fees ($3.50/order). 

You can purchase tickets for all games in 100, 200 and 300 level seating on-line at: 
www.capitaltickets.ca/promo  Enter our Promo code – NCISL – to activate the savings. 
You also have the option of selecting the specific seats you would like to order

NCISL members are encouraged to share these deals with family and friends! 
Please contact Peter Judd, NCISL Director of Membership for more information:

membership@ncisl.com or (613)286-5042

(updated 03/27/2015)

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