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New Player Registration Process and Email Address

The new registration process is as follows:

1. Player registers online, prints of forms and signs it.
2. Club registrar signs off on the registration form
3. Form is faxed to 726-1749
4.  Dawn will then register the player and email a copy of the roster to the coach of the team.
5. Player or coach can then take the player book FILLED OUT CORRECTLY to the EODSA office (Morrison Dr) along with the roster. 

*** Please note that the EODSA may not stamp the book on the spot and they do not fill in the books for you.***

6.  A player must wait 24 hours after their book has been stamped before they are eligible to play.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure please do not hesitate to contact me at admin@ncisl.com

Also please note that admin@ncisl.com is the email address were all email correspondence should come to.  I will be able to receive them both at work and ho! me.  If you use any other email address I may not get it in a timely fashion.


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