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Are you looking for a team to play on in the Fall League?

The NCISL are trying to create 4 teams from individuals who don't have a team to play on, or for those who would like to play for a second team.

We are trying to create teams in these divisions

Coed Division 2 - Friday
Men Division 3A - Sunday
Men Division 4A - Tuesday
Men Division 3B - Wednesday

We do not expect to create any other teams than these 4

If you would like to sign up for one or more of these teams please go here

and click on the link that says Individual $190

You will be asked to complete an on line form and then be asked to pay $190 with either your Pay Pal account or your credit card. You can if you wish decide to pay by cheque however this is a slower method and we will only add you to the team when we have received your cheque. So the fastest way to get on a team is to pay online. We will accept people in the order that you pay so to be sure to get on a team please register and pay asap

The season starts in the first week of October  and you will be entitled to 15 games for this registration

If you have any further questions please email me at indoor@ncisl.com

Tim Baigent
NCISL Indoor Convener

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