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Match Official Return to Play Guide
Version 1 – 22nd July 2020

By choosing to officiate soccer in the NCISL 7V7 2020 outdoor season (the ‘League’) you are taking a risk associated with the novel Corona virus (COVID-19).  You also acknowledge that the NCISL organizers cannot reasonably remove that risk even by instituting all the safety and distancing measures recommended by Ontario Soccer or the City of Ottawa.  The risk includes the possibility that you will become ill with the virus or that you might pass the virus along to others within your household or family.  The NCISL disclaims any responsibility or liability to you in relation to those risks and, by officiating soccer in the League, you are waiving any potential cause of action or claim for damages if you do contract the virus through your activities with the NCISL.  Please consider these risks carefully and make your choice to officiate soccer or not with the NCISL in the manner that is best for you.

Any soccer activity must comply with the health and safety protocols as outlined in this Return to Play Guide along with any new protocols issued by the Province of Ontario health authorities.  We need to work together to make this ‘Return to Play’ successful and safe.
The following individuals are not permitted to participate in any NCISL league game as a player, team official or match official:

  • Anyone who is sick or has any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, headache
  • Anyone who has recently returned from traveling outside of Canada, in the past 14 days
  • Anyone who has knowingly been exposed to or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, in the past 14 day

Game Procedures
1. Players, team officials and match officials are not permitted to enter the Richcraft Recreational Complex field until 20 minutes prior to kick off.  Warm up can take place outside the fenced area.

2. Players, team officials and match officials must enter the field through the main entrance only.  Hand sanitizer will be available and must be used by all people entering the field.

3. A field marshal will perform player identification prior to the player entering the field.  This is critically important so that we can contact trace if a player or official is found to have the COVID-19 virus at a later date.  

4. Each team must have their technical area on the opposite side of the field to their opponents.

5. Teams are encouraged to social distance while in the technical area.  

6. There will be no water fountains available.  Individuals should bring their own water bottle.

7. The referee will be responsible for sanitizing the ball prior to each game.  Game balls will be provided by the field marshal who will also supply cleaning supplies.

8. Players equipment should not be shared.  Players should bring their own socks and shin pads.

9. Cover your mouth and nose with your arm or a tissue to reduce the spread of germs. Remember if you use a tissue, to dispose of it as soon as possible and wash your hands afterwards. Ensure all discarded materials (tissues, wipes, sock tape etc.) are placed into an approved garbage receptacle.

10. When a player is injured, Match Officials may only observe and refer assistance to the applicable team bench. There is to be no Match Official contact with the player. Only team medical personnel, following proper health and safety protocols may assist the injured player.

11. There will be no handshakes or high 5’s between players, match officials, coaches before, during or after the game.

12. Match Officials have the authority to abandon any game where the required COVID-19 protocols are not being followed. In these cases, it must be reported by the referee on a Special Incident Report

13. No spitting at any time is permitted.

14. After the game is complete, players must change quickly and exit the facility at the designated exit.

15. Post game socializing is not permitted with the facility and discouraged outside of the facility.

16. Washroom facilities will not be available at the Richcraft Recreation Complex

17. Match officials need to familiarize themselves with the ‘Recommendations for Match Officials’ in the Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide.

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