NCISL History

Our indoor program continues to grow with 74 teams taking part in the Spring League.

FIFA bring their Under 20s Men World Cup to Ottawa and the NCISL are the biggest purchaser from the local soccer community with over 1000 tournament passes purchased for the South Side at Frank Claire Stadium. The NCISL donates its profits from the sales of the tickets to the United Way leading to a acknowledgement of thanks from City of Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brian.

The womens divisions become open for the first time. The league also start an open division for men with 12 teams taking part. The outdoor league grows to 90 teams.

Our Fall Indoor season grows to a record entry of 93 teams

The NCISL announce a charity partnership with the Childrens Wish Foundation. The league raises over $7000 for the charity.

We start a partnership with the Ottawa Fury Soccer Club with NCISL members receiving tickets for the womens game against Everton of the FA Womens Premier League.

The NCISL plays its first 11 a side game inside when in CIPO play Antima in a Division 3B game at the Louis Riel Dome

The NCISL is shut out of the tournament for the first time with winners from the RA League (Baltilka, Mens A) , the OCSL (Gloucester Hooligans, Mens B Ottawa Royals, Mens C) and Durham Hotspurs from the Durham District, (Womens).

The NCISL expands its Fall indoor league to include games at the Louis Riel Dome in Gloucester. The indoor league sees a large growth with 71 teams playing in the Fall League. The indoor league also offers a womens division for the first time.

The NCISL start their indoor league at the Bell Sensplex. 17 mens teams take part in 2 divisions. Alcatel Phantoms win the first game 9 - 4 against JDS Uniphase. Sompasong Sundara (Alcatel) scores the leagues first goal. Nortel & Mitel win the first Indoor Championship beating Medicine United 1 - 0 in the final game. The first season operates January - April. In the Fall we grow the indoor league to 28 teams including 4 Coed teams.

Corel Centre Rebels win the Men's 1st Division for the first time.

The 2nd division is reduced to 8 teams with a new Division 3B added. Nortel Blizzard win the Men's 2nd Division

Nortel Storm just miss out on becoming the first Women's team to do the the 'Treble'. With the League and Cup already won, Ottawa Raiders beat them in a penalty shoot out in the Tournament Final

We celebrate our 25th season by presenting a commemorative T Shirt to all 1800 members.

We start a partnership with Mitre to supply uniforms and equipment for the NCISL. The Mitre Pro Max ball becomes the official game ball for all NCISL games

Members vote to allow each team to register 5 guests on their roster.

The NCISL announce plans to start an indoor league

The remnants of Hurricane Francis dump 135 mm of rain on Ottawa two days before our tournament, forcing us to cancel the tournament due to waterlogged fields.

The men`s 1st division use assistant referees for the first time.

We introduce a 2nd Division for Women. CMHC Ravens are the first winners of the new division.

We start to collect statistics on the number of shut outs achieved by a  goalkeeper. Miguel Létourneau of CGI Strikers manages 12 in 15 league games in Division 3. 11 of his shutouts came in his first 11 games and it was the 30th of July before he finally conceded a league goal.

We start a partnership with the Ottawa Wizards and OZ Dome. The partnership allows the NCISL to use the Wizards Stadium for their cup finals and semi finals

CMHC Eagles win the Challenge Cup with a comfortable victory over 2nd division Bay City Routers. The Eagles are the 5th different winner of the Challenge Cup in 5 years as the top teams start to share out the trophies.

Our tournament has 54 entries, the biggest entry in our history

Nortel Reds beat the Nortel Bullets on penalties in the Challenge Cup Final following a 0-0 tie. It is the first and so far only occasion when both cup finalists have come from the same club.

We give ourselves a new identity with our current logo. The logo is based on an industrial cog, but take a  look here at some of the logo designs we rejected including one with the Peace Tower.

The NCISL become the first soccer league in Ontario to assign referees over the internet.

We start to award a trophy to the best referee as judged by the coaches. Andy Weston is the first winner

We introduce the Women’s Challenge Cup with the Nortel Believers as the first winners following a shoot out victory over the Alcatel Banshees. The Believers also win the Women’s division so they become the first women’s team to win the league and cup double.

The Corel Centre Rebels win the Challenge Cup for the first and only time with a 4-1 victory over the Nortel Reds.

Netmanage Chameleons become the first 4th Division team to reach a cup final as they are beaten 1-0 by the Nortel Bears in the President’s Cup Final in extra time.

We introduce a women’s division with 4 teams taken part. Newbridge Banshees (now Alcatel Banshees) are the 1st women’s champions.

Newbridge Chargers (now Alcatel Chargers) become the first winners of the President’s Cup; a competition for divisions 3 and 4 teams only. They beat fellow 3rd division team SI Surge 2-0 in the final.

Nortel Reds win the treble, (League, Challenge Cup and Tournament), becoming the first and so far only team to achieve this feat.

We start a partnership with the Kanata North Physiotherapy Centre. The partnership is now in its 8th year.

Dave Norton steps down as President having been in the position for 9 years. Tim Baigent becomes the leagues 3rd President, a position he still holds today.

The NCISL go on line with their first web site, the first league in the EODSA to do so.

Lumonics Lasers become the first and so far only team from the 3rd Division to reach the Challenge Cup Final. They managed to avoid 1st Division opposition until the final when they took the Newbridge Sharks to a penalty shoot out following a 0-0 tie.  The Sharks won the shoot out to win their 1st challenge cup

CMHC Eagles win the inaugural Division 4 title as they start a rise up the divisions. By the new millennium they will establish themselves as a major force in the 1st division.

We start a growth spurt in membership that will continue for 7 years.  Our last expansion was in 1989 when we increased to 28 teams. In 1994 we add 4 new teams which allow us to reorganize to 4 divisions of 8 teams. The lower two divisions are called 3A and 3B with the bottom 4 in each division forming a new 4th division in the following season.

Newbridge Sharks win their first Championship. In doing so they become the first team to win the 1st Division Championship with a perfect record (14-0-0). They also conceded only 4 league goals, the least conceded by an NCISL team over the course of a season.

BNT Reds win their 5th championship but Mitel United`s challenge is now starting to fade. Replacing them as the Reds major challenger are the Newbridge Sharks (now Alcatel Sharks) who finish runners up. These two teams would dominate the 1st division for the remainder of the decade.

With the league now at 28 teams and spread across the city we decide to change our name to the National Capital Industrial Soccer League

The league continues to prosper so we start a 3rd division, Bell Northern Telecom III are the first Division 3 champions.

Second division Marine United become the first and so far only team from outside the 1st division to left the Challenge Cup.

Ian Few steps down as President after 7 years in the position. Dave Norton replaces him.

We conclude our season with an end of year tournament for the first time.

We introduce the Challenge Cup, a knockout competition for all the teams to take part in. BNT Reds are the first cup winners.

Mitel United win the first of their 4 championships. They will battle it out with the BNT Reds for the majority of the trophies in the first half of the leagues life.

Bell Northern Telecom (now Nortel Reds) win their first championship. The team would go on to win a further 11 championship crowns as they would become the dominant team in the leagues first 25 years.

We expand to a 2nd division. Epitek are the first 2nd division champions.

Systemhouse end Atomic Energy’s championship run as they win the 1st division for their only championship.

The Nepean Industrial Soccer League is formed. It is created out of the Bell Northern Telecom (now Nortel) House League as other companies request to join. Ian Few who formally operated the BNT House League is elected as the leagues first President.

12 teams take part in the first NISL season. Atomic Energy (now Nordion) are the first NISL champions even though they are from Kanata not Nepean.

Top 5 positions in the NISL in 1980

1. Atomic Energy                             19 points
2. Bell Northern Research                 17 points
3. Gandalf                                        16 points
4. Computing Devices Canada           12 points
5. Northern Telecom                         11 points

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