Men's Division Competition Rules
The NCISL Bylaws were approved at Annual General Meeting on
February 5th, 2020


The following rules apply to all NCISL games, i.e. league, cup and exhibition

1. All games will be run under normal FIFA Laws of the game unless specified as otherwise by the Canadian Soccer Association.

1. Clubs must apply for a team entry, at a date set by the Board of Directors, on the team application form

2. Team membership fees will be set annually by the Board of Directors and ratified or amended by the membership at a general meeting of the NCISL

3. Acceptance of late team applications shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors who shall be guided by the convenience of teams already accepted.

4. Team applications will only be accepted if the Board of Directors believes that the team can fulfill its obligations to the NCISL

1. The NCISL shall consist of teams split into playing divisions, the number and size of which shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

2. In all league games, 3 points shall be awarded for a win and 1 point shall be awarded for a tie.  The team with the most points in each division at the end of the regular season play will be the Divisional Champions. In the event that two teams in the same division have the same number of points, the team with the better goal difference shall be declared the Divisional Champions.  Goal difference is defined as goals scored minus goals conceded.  In the event that this fails to break the tie, the team scoring the greatest number of goals during regular season play will be declared the Divisional Champions.

3. Promotion and relegation rules will be published on an annual basis by the Board of Directors on or before the pre-season team meeting.

4. Teams eligible for promotion cannot refuse promotion.

5. New teams shall be accepted into the lowest division only, except by special dispensation of the Board of Directors.

6. In the event of a team withdrawing from the League and/or failing to complete its schedule, the entire record for that team shall be expunged from the League standings.

1. All players shall be registered with the League in accordance with the current seasons Registration Policy.

2. All players shall be at least 18 years of age

3. A player may register for a maximum of 2 teams within the NCISL.

4. A player registered for a Division 1 team may not register for a 2nd team in the lowest division.

5. A player may not register for 2 teams within the same division

6. A player who is registered to 2 teams within the NCISL may only play for 1 team in the Challenge Cup and 1 team in the President's Cup Competition.

6. a. Where any player is registered to 2 teams at the start of the cup competitions or, subsequently, following the start of the cup competitions, and such teams both play in the same cup competition, that player must play for the higher level team in the cup competition.  Furthermore, such player may not transition to play on the other team's cup games even where his/her higher level team has been knocked out of the cup competition.  Note that the "higher level team" is the team that is assigned to play in the higher League division during the current regular season.

7. a. Players who are registered with a team in the OCSL Men's Premier Division or any division higher that this on the Ontario Soccer pyramid are not eligible to play in the NCISL men's division.

7. b.  Players who are registered with a team in the OCSL Women's Premier Division or any division higher than this on the Ontario Soccer pyramid are not eligible to play in the NCISL men's division 3.

1. A minimum of seven (7) players will constitute a team.

2. Substitutions shall be allowed on the signal of the Match Official at halftime, goal kicks, their own throw in, opposition’s throw in if they are making a substitution as well, after a goal, and to replace and injured player.

a. There shall be no limitations on the number of substitutions a team can make in any game in the NCISL
b. A team may change its goalkeeper for any player already on the field at any stoppage in play provided proper notice is given to the Match Official in accordance within Law 3 of FIFA Laws of the Game.

3. There shall be no limit to the number of substitutions made by a team

1.  The checking of each player’s Player Identification is compulsory for all games and shall be performed 15 minutes before the scheduled start-time of the game.  Player Identification is only confirmed with the presentation of the EODSA photo ID on either plastic card or mobile app.

2.  All players and Team Officials participating in a game must be identified on the official game sheet. Only 25 players may be listed on the game sheet and are eligible to play in a game when they present their Player Identification and if applicable Player Loan Permit.  A Team Official must sign the Team’s Game sheet; the signature shall certify the eligibility of all players and officials whose names appear on the game sheet, to participate in that game.

3. Each team will present its signed game sheet as well as all Player Identification and Permits of those players participating in the game, if applicable, to the referee who will verify the Players Identification against the names on the game sheet.

4. After completion of this procedure, a Team Official will initial the game sheet in the appropriate box to certify that the card checking procedures were followed and return the game sheet to the Referee, who shall retain it.

5. The Referee will note all questions regarding a player’s eligibility or the validity of a player’s Identification on the game sheet and the player concerned must sign and enter his or her date of birth on the game sheet.

6. A player arriving after the player verification is completed may play but must report to the referee at half time with their Player Identification to be verified.  A player arriving after the second half of the game has started is ineligible to play.

7. If a team fails to present its Player Identification prior to the start of the game, the game shall not be played unless the Team Officials from both Teams agree in writing to proceed with the game as scheduled and this is noted on the game sheet and countersigned by the Referee, otherwise the team that failed to produce its Player Identification will be deemed to have forfeited the game. If both teams participating in a game fail to comply with this rule, no points shall be awarded to either team and each team will have one loss added to its record.

8. Any player who does not have a valid Player Identification and applicable Permit is ineligible to play. Such players must change out of uniform.

9. If a team plays an illegible player then the NCISL Discipline Committee may decide to replay the game or award a default win to the opponents. Further discipline action may be taken against the team coach, team manager and the player(s)

1. The duration of League games shall be 2 equal periods of a minimum of 35 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes. (Game officials should try to play 45 minute halves.)

1. All outfield players on the same team shall wear matching uniforms.  The goalkeeper shall wear a shirt of a different colour from that worn by his team or the opposition.

2. All teams shall register their uniform with the NCISL at the time of annual registration.

3. Where there is a similarity of colours the away team shall change, providing the home team`s colours are as registered with the NCISL.  If not, then the home team shall change.  It is the responsibility of the coach of the team that is to change to have alternate shirts ready.

4. Players shirts shall be numbered.  The numbers are to be at least eight (8) inches high.  No two (2) players on the same team shall wear the same number.  The player`s number shall be indicated on the Game Report Sheet beside their name and no player shall change their number during the course of a game without the permission of the referee.

5. Prior to the start of the game each team shall provide and put into place a goal net and two corner flags.

6. The home team shall be responsible for providing a suitable game ball.

7. Every team shall ensure that an adequate first-aid kit and someone to use it, be at each game.

8. Any team reported by the referee as failing to meet any of their equipment responsibilities listed in 1-7 above will be fined $25

1. Only qualified referees registered with the Ontario Soccer Association shall be scheduled for use in any game under the jurisdiction of the League.

2. Referees shall receive fees for their services in the amount determined by the Board of Directors at the start of each season.

3. The referee shall be responsible for the conduct of the game in accordance with FIFA laws and the rules and regulations of the League.

4. The referee shall have the power to rule on the fitness of the field in all games and the referee’s decision shall be final.

5. Referees and assistant referees must arrive at the location of the game at least 20 minutes prior to kick off

6. At the conclusion of the game, the referee shall ensure that all sections of the Game Sheet are completed and shall be forward it, together with any supplementary sheets, to the NCISL within 48 hours.

7.  Referees who are also registered players and/or team officials may not referee matches in their own division or any other match in which there might be a conflict of interest.

8. Games where the officially appointed referee fails to appear will be rescheduled unless a mutually agreeable stand-in can be employed instead. Both coaches must write on the game sheets that they agree to use the stand in referee.

9. At every game with 1 game official each team shall provide an individual to act as an Assistant Referee. The home team will decide which side of the field they will provide the assistant referee. The away team must move their bench to the other side of the field, where they will provide an assistant referee.

1. Any team failing to field seven (7) players by the scheduled kick off time shall be reported to the NCISL.

2. Any team failing to field seven (7) players within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled kick off time shall be considered to have failed to appear and they shall default the game.  They will be fined $200. 

3. If both teams fail to appear they shall both be fined as in paragraph 2 above and no points shall be awarded but each team will have one (1) loss added to its record.

4. Defaulted league games shall be rescheduled only if fields are available and the innocent team wishes to play the game. If the game is not rescheduled then the innocent team shall win the game by default with a score of 2 – 0.

5. If the game is abandoned due to the actions of a player, coach or spectator from one of the teams then the game will be awarded to their opponents. The score will be a 2-0 default or if the current score if it is better than 2-0. The guilty team may also face discipline action.

6.  If the game is abandoned due to any other reason, then the following policy will be used to decide the outcome of the game.

a)   If one team is winning by 3 goals or more then the result will stand and the game is considered complete.

b)   If neither team is winning by 3 goals or more then the game will be considered complete if 2/3 of the game has been completed.

c)   If neither team is winning by 3 goals or more, and less than 2/3 of the game has been completed then the game will be replayed subject to field availability.

1. The Board of Directors may postpone any game at any time

2. Teams may request a postponement of a game in accordance with the Rescheduled Games Policy that is relevant for that season.

1. Both teams must provide 3 copies of the game sheet to the referee 15 minutes before kick-off.

2. Game sheets are required for all games.  If a game is not played, the game sheet shall be filled in as fully as possible including the reason given for not playing the game.

3. Registered players who arrive late may participate and be added to the game sheet, at half time.

4. The game sheet, when completed, shall show the final score, scorers, yellow and red cards.

5. A team who fails to complete their game sheet correctly may be subject to a $25 fine

6.  A player whose name appears on the game sheet is deemed to have played in the game. If a player does not attend then his or her name must be scratched on the game sheet when it is given to the referee.

1. Both teams must submit a game report to the NCISL via their web site no later than noon the following day. Teams who do not submit a game report on time will be fined $25 for each occurrence.

1. Trophies awarded by the NCISL remain the property of the NCISL.

2. Trophies will be awarded to the Champions of each Division. The winning teams shall return these trophies to the League Administrator no later than May 31st of the following year.

3. The NCISL will award medals for each player registered with the winner and runners up teams of each Division, up to a maximum of 20 medals per team. Additional medals can be purchased at cost by the team concerned if required.

4. The NCISL will present awards to the Top Goal League Scorers and Top Goalkeeper in each Division.

1. At every game each team shall designate an individual to act as coach, who shall identify themselves to the referee.

2.  Coaches are recognized to be participants in games and as such are bound by the rules and regulations of the NCISL and its affiliates.

1. A registered NCISL player may play on loan to another NCISL team for League or Exhibition games as long as
a)   The team is not more than 2 division lower than the team the player is registered with

b)   The team plays in another division than the team the player is registered with
2. Player loans must be registered on the game sheet and must provide a loan permit

3. A player may only play on loan in 5 league games per season

4. When a team can field 11 or more players, 2 additional players may be loaned

5. When a team can field 10 players or less, 3 additional players may be loaned

6. When a player has been loaned to a team, any late arriving players may only be eligible to play as long as the conditions in paragraphs 4 and 5 above are not violated or permission has been given by the opposing coach.

7. If a loan player is used who does not meet the requirements of rules 16 then the NCISL Discipline Panel may decide to replay the game or award a default win to the opponents.

Rule 17:  PROTESTS
1. Where a game is played under protest, such fact must be noted on the game sheet and a formal protest must be lodged as stipulated below.

2.  In dealing with any protest, the NCISL Discipline Committee shall take into consideration the possession by the protesting Club or Team of any prior knowledge of the facts or allegations contained in the Protest, which if properly used, might have prevented the Protest.

3. A written protest must be submitted to the NCISL within 48 hours of the game. The protest must contain a full description of the reasons for the protest.

4.  A protest fee of $50 must be submitted to the NCISL within 48 hours of the game. The protest fee will only be returned if the protest is upheld or if the protest was deemed to be out of order

5. If a protest is deemed to be valid then a hearing will be scheduled where the protesting party must present their case to the NCISL Discipline Committee

6. No protests pertaining to the decisions of the game officials shall be entertained.

7. Objections to field conditions, goalposts, balls or team colours, shall not be considered as grounds for a protest. Objections of this nature shall be brought to the attention of the referee and noted in writing on the game sheet.  If in the opinion of the referee, the objections do not constitute a valid reason for abandoning the game, no further action will be considered by the NCISL. In all other cases, the league may take appropriate action based on a review of the referee’s written report.

1.  Disciplinary action shall be taken in accordance with the OS Published Rules. The following guidelines will apply:
a)   In cases where OS published rules provide for Discipline by Review (DBR), the accused does not have to appear for a hearing. If the accused person does not request a hearing within 48 hours of the game where the offence occurred, he/she will be found guilty and the applicable penalties and/or fines, established by the OS for the offence for which he/she has been charged shall apply.

b)   Any request for a hearing shall be submitted in writing to the NCISL and accompanied by an administration fee of $25. The hearing fee shall be reimbursed only if the Discipline Panel finds the accused not guilty. An accused who has requested a hearing and fails to appear for the hearing shall forfeit the administration fee.
2.  Where the OS published rules provide for Discipline by Hearing (DBH), and where the EODSA has delegated to the NCISL the authority to handle all discipline pertaining to the offence the NCISL Discipline Committee will hold a hearing and deal with the alleged infractions.

3.  Failure of an accused to appear at a Disciplinary Hearing will result in the immediate suspension of the accused and a $100 fine. The suspension will continue to be in effect until the accused appears before the NCISL Disciplinary Committee.

4. An NCISL member must attend a discipline hearing if requested by the NCISL Discipline Committee

5. Discipline hearing will be scheduled according to that seasons discipline hearing policy

Rule 19: APPEALS
1.  All decisions of the NCISL may be appealed to the EODSA in accordance with the rights of appeal process.

1. The NCISL Board of Directors may make emergency rulings on any matter not explicitly covered by these rules at any time.

2. Changes to these rules can be made at a general meeting with a 50% majority of the available votes. Each club will be entitled to 1 vote for every team that completed the previous season in their division
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