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2Talons Men1070353233021
3The Reds1061338211719
4Man City106134039119
5Shopify Reserves105054437715
6Asmis United105053231115
7Deevy FC104242827114
8CSMA Strikeforce104242229-714
9Asmis FC104062538-1312
12Ottawa Irons FC1000102168-470

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Cody HERMANNTalons Men18
2Dino CAJOTankers17
3Suvad DERVISEVICTankers15
4Ignacio CHIAZZOShopify Reserves13
5Jeff DENNISLightning13
6Berki AMARThe Reds12
7Elliott FALLERBoldRadius11
8Ivan SAMBLESLightning11
9Joshua DAGENAISOttawa Irons FC11
10Matt BULMERLightning10

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Colin WILSONTalons Men2
2Daniel SMITHCSMA Strikeforce2
3Liam LAFRANCETankers2
4Aaron CARSCADDENShopify Reserves1
5Edson RESENDESAsmis FC1
6Jean MURATDeevy FC1
7Joshua COLEAsmis United1

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BBQ5 - 5 Flextronics
Champions3 - 2 Tremors
Internationa2 - 4 Legends FC
Nokia Eagles2 - 5 Predators
EY Yellows5 - 4 Shirleysbay
EY Beams4 - 3 Skyworks


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