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Men Division 3

1Flextronics TCFC14130175215439
2Shirleys Bay United14111266204634
4Ernst & Young148244034626
5Dragonwave Vikings147343937224
6Syntronic SEFC145183839-116
7Skyworks Skyblues143292559-3411
9JDS Lasers142111856-487
10Nokia Eagles1411121670-544

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1Hasim HOTITremors18
2Qemail VUNIQITremors17
3Adam ASSAADShirleys Bay United14
4Adama ASANJIFlextronics TCFC14
5Samuel HARRISONSkyworks Skyblues12
6Derek DINARDOErnst & Young10
7Jophin JOSEPHSyntronic SEFC10
8Stuart MCFALLShirleys Bay United10
9Avni BEGATremors9
10Mucahit ELEVLIFlextronics TCFC9

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Gareth SPANGLETTTremors6
2Joel SHEPHERDShirleys Bay United4
3Erik BARRErnst & Young3
4Steven LACKEYDragonwave Vikings3
5Alan HARRISONSkyworks Skyblues2
6Tommy WALLShirleys Bay United2
7Dimitar NIKOLOVSyntronic SEFC1
8James ZIETAKPredators1
9Maziar MORADIJDS Lasers1
10Peter KOROSSYPredators1
11Raka SINGH BALSyntronic SEFC1
12Stephen CULEFlextronics TCFC1
13Taher MOHAMMEDFlextronics TCFC1

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Van Ind1 - 5 Syntronic
Kinaxis0 - 0 Irons FC
Gunners2 - 4 Reds
Thunderhawks4 - 2 Real Decoy
Belairdirect0 - 13 Shopify
Dragonwave2 - 0 Predators
SB United6 - 2 SEFC
Mitel 2 - 4 Pirates
Tremors3 - 2 Cyclones
E & Y4 - 1 Eagles
Tankers8 - 1 Scorpions


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