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Women Division 2

3Mitel Platinum1541102465-4113

* The following teams have points deducted:
Tequilas - 1
Gremlins - 1

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Chelsea SMITHGremlins19
2Stephanie LADOUCEURTequilas12
3Kelsey WERTTequilas10
4Maddie CLARKEGremlins10
5Catherine MARCHETTITequilas7
6Heather REICHERTGremlins7
7Erin CANNONTequilas6
8Katie MORRISMitel Platinum6
9Kayla WERTTequilas6
10Lisa PRENTISSGremlins6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Stephanie MESNAGETequilas7
2 Gremlins1
3Juliane NGOGremlins1
4Melanie LEAFLOORTequilas1
5Natascha FROSCHAUERMitel Platinum1
6Stacy COULTERMANGremlins1

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