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Women Division 2

1Flaming Flamingos108113782925
3Shot Takers103342018212

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Cara HOUSTONShot Takers12
2Maddie CLARKEHerricanes11
3Cara HOUSTONFlaming Flamingos9
4Melissa MOFFATTHerricanes9
5Jerusha COPELAND Herricanes8
6Cathy STGEORGEHerricanes6
7Kara RUSCHERFlaming Flamingos6
8Angela HAWLEYShot Takers5
9Claire WARNOCKGeckos5
10Stacy COULTERMANFlaming Flamingos5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Natascha FROSCHAUERFlaming Flamingos6
2Stephanie MESNAGEHerricanes3
3Natascha FROSCHAUERShot Takers1
4Paddy VARGASShot Takers1

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BBQ5 - 5 Flextronics
Champions3 - 2 Tremors
Internationa2 - 4 Legends FC
Nokia Eagles2 - 5 Predators
EY Yellows5 - 4 Shirleysbay
EY Beams4 - 3 Skyworks


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