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Men Division 1 Tier 3

2Jet Black Scissor Kickers145182545-2016
3BoldRadius FC1413101545-306
4Mitel United1410131365-523

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1Michael STEVENSONJet Black Scissor Kickers7
2Ryan RACHWALSKIPirates7
3Adrien LATCHMANJet Black Scissor Kickers6
4Elliott FALLERPirates5
5Walid ZEKAOUIBoldRadius FC4
6Jeff BEATYMitel United3
7Matthias ELFGENMitel United3
8Andy LAUPirates2
9Anthony POONPirates2
10Chris Joel NDIKUMANABoldRadius FC2

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Antonio GODOYThe Reds7
2Liam LAFRANCEGDMS Tankers United6
3Derek CARVILLGDMS Gunners4
4Adam TRACEYJet Black Scissor Kickers3
5Braedon CAINSGS2
6Patrick JARVISAsmis FC2
7Cameron BADHAMAsmis FC1
8Edson RESENDESSpartans FC1
9Jon HUGHSONMitel United1
10Josh COLEAsmis FC1
11Oran ROBINSONBoldRadius FC1
12Paul STAYNORGDMS Tankers United1

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Van Ind1 - 5 Syntronic
Kinaxis0 - 0 Irons FC
Gunners2 - 4 Reds
Thunderhawks4 - 2 Real Decoy
Belairdirect0 - 13 Shopify
Dragonwave2 - 0 Predators
SB United6 - 2 SEFC
Mitel 2 - 4 Pirates
Tremors3 - 2 Cyclones
E & Y4 - 1 Eagles
Tankers8 - 1 Scorpions


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