League Disciplinary Procedures

This page is a summation of consequences for foul play in games, or what the league has deemed unacceptable behaviour. Here, you will find all the details on league-mandated suspensions and fines.

If you receive a suspension from the league, there are two options. You may either choose to request a disciplinary hearing with the league (DBH), or simply accept the suspension. In some cases, the NCISL reserves the right to call a DBH regardless of the players wishes, to discuss very serious offenses.

For a "Discipline by Hearing", the player must contact the league within a maximum of 72 hours with a written statement to contest the suspension. This hearing also incurs a $50 bond to the league, which also must be paid to the league within 72 hours, either by dropping off a cheque at the league office, or an email money transfer to admin@ncisl.com

If the appeal is granted, the hearing will be set within 14 days. You are required to attend this meeting in person, and the hearing will commence via the OSA's procedures. The panel's decision, as well as your rights of appeal will be emailed back to you.

Yellow Cards

Yellow Cards are given to players for an array of reasons, but are mostly given for reckless challenges or rude language towards the referee.

Over the course of the season, receiving too many Yellow Cards will result in suspension and a fine from the league. The suspensions are handed out as follows:

0-2 Yellow Cards - No Suspension
3 Yellow Cards - 1 Game Suspension
4 Yellow Cards - No Further Suspension
5 Yellow Cards - 2 Game Suspension

Red Cards 

Red Cards are given to players for very serious offenses, such as violent conduct or flagrant misbehaviour. Suspensions for red cards are given on a basis of the offense commited, rather than just quantity.

2nd Yellow Card in One Game (Neither toward the Game Official) - 1 Game Suspension
Abusive Language (Not to Game Official) - 1 Game Suspension
Deliberate Handball in the Penalty Area to Deny a Scoring Opportunity - 1 Game Suspension
2nd Yellow Card in One Game (Either one toward the Game Official) - 2 Game Suspension
Serious Foul Play - 2 Game Suspension
Violent Conduct - 3 Game Suspension
Insulting or Abusive Language towards a Game Official - 3 Game Suspension


Any Verbal or Physical abuse of an official will be reported to the EODSA, and will be dealt with according to their standards. This may result in further suspensions and fines at their discretion. Therefore, any appeals for these offenses must be made through the EODSA.


The league monitors each team's Discipline Index. Should a teams index go above certain levels, the team will be required to pay an extra fee to the league in the following season. Teams at the Index of 0.8 or higher may be fined, and the fines scale evenly with the index after that.


For further details and information, you can review the League's Discipline Policy.

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