About the NCISL
The National Capital Industrial Soccer League is an adult recreational league in the Ottawa area.

The NCISL is run by a volunteer Board of Directors with a lot of help from some of the 1800 players.

We are affiliated to the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association and are classed by that organization as a Club League.

We offer both an indoor and outdoor program.

Outdoor League
The League was formed in 1980, and has now grown to include over 33 Clubs and 70 teams. The unique nature of the league is that all Clubs are represented by local Corporations, with the majority of players being an employee of the Company that the Club represent. In 2004 we have decided to permit each team to register up to 5 guests for each team.

The NCISL has 5 Men`s Divisions, with promotion and relegation between adjacent divisions. We also have two Women`s Division.

We also organize three knock out cup competitions throughout the year. All Men`s Teams are entitled to enter the Challenge Cup, however most 3rd and 4th Division Teams prefer to just take part in their own Cup, known as the President`s Cup, which is not open to the Teams from the top two Divisions. The Women also have their own Challenge Cup.

In September the NCISL also organize a 64 team weekend tournament in which teams from outside the League can take part. The Tournament is organized into 4 Divisions of 16 teams. Three of the Divisions are for Men and one for Women.

Indoor League
In 2005 the NCISL started an indoor league operating out of the Bell Sensplex facility in Kanata. In its 1st year 17 mens teams took part. Unlike the outdoor league the indoor league is an open competition with no restrictions on who can play as long as they are adults.

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